Kuranda Koala Gardens

Kuranda Koala Gardens is a beautiful boutique wildlife park in the middle of the Heritage Markets. A tranquil oasis where visitors can cuddle a koala, sit down beside wallabies and get very close to some iconic Aussie animals. At the gardens, you’ll get up-close to freshwater crocodiles and have the chance to hand-feed kangaroos and wallabies. If you like, you can purchase a souvenir photo of your close-up koala encounter (cuddle and photo experience at additional cost).

You'll also see the elusive wombats – these sleepy, shy animals are the world's largest burrowing mammals and aren’t often seen in the wild, so don’t miss them. Then take a walk through Australia’s only walk-through snake house to see pythons and poisonous snakes, as well as dragon and monitor lizards lurking in their enclosures.

  • Have a souvenir photo taken while cuddling a koala (own expense)

  • Enjoy close-up encounters with freshwater crocodiles, monitor lizards, wombats and wallabies

  • Experience Australia's first walk-through snake house


Home to the largest single collection of free flying birds in Australia (some 500 of them!), Birdworld Kuranda is the best place to get up close and personal with some amazing Australian and exotic birds! Displaying no less than 75 species of the most spectacular birds from all corners of the planet, Birdworld has been designed to showcase the birdlife in their natural environment without the barriers of cages.

Visitors are free to wander through the lush, tropically landscaped bird sanctuary to observe the birds in their own specific - yet natural - habitats. Two lakes connected by a tumbling waterfall are home to waterbirds such as stilts, herons and Australia’s own unique Black Swan. In Birdworld's rainforest canopy, blue, gold and scarlet Macaws dazzle with colourful brilliance as they soar above the tree tops. One outstanding Birdworld denizen not to be missed is that rare avian giant, the Cassowary - an Australian bird now officially enlisted as endangered. Birdworld Kuranda is a photographer's paradise, and without those barriers, visitors often find a feathered friend nestling on their shoulder!

  • See one of the largest collections of free-flying birds in Australia

  • Hand-feed lorikeets and cockatoos

  • View the rare and endangered Cassowary

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is the largest butterfly flight aviary and exhibit in Australia, home to over 1500 magnificent tropical butterflies that are hand reared on the premises. All are local rainforest species, including an iconic Kuranda butterfly, the electric blue Ulysses Butterfly, and the majestic fluoro green and yellow Cairns Birdwing.

Guided tours through the aviary and laboratory are conducted throughout the day, detailing a butterfly's life cycle and behaviour. The lab breeds about 30,000 caterpillars each year, and sends about 24,000 pupae to be released in the aviary. Be sure to wear something bright (red or white) and let these beautiful and colourful creatures flutter all over you as you wonder through. After the tour, see butterflies from around the world in the museum exhibit.

  • The largest butterfly flight aviary and exhibit in Australia 

  • Take the  “behind the scenes” tour of the breeding laboratory 

  • Be sure to wear something bright (red or white)

Kuranda Riverboat

Conveniently situated, only a few minutes walk below the Kuranda Railway and Skyrail Stations on the Esplanade of the Barron River. Kuranda Riverboat is the the only river cruise tour company operating within the Village of Kuranda. Cruise along the calm waters of the beautiful upper Barron River. This scenic excursion will provide great photographic opportunities.

The river is home to a host of wildlife including freshwater crocodiles, turtles, snakes, water dragons and fish together with over 100 species of tropical birds. This exclusive and informative 45-minute river cruise will enable you to appreciate and understand more of this unique location. Purchase your ticket on the boat.

  • Cruise the Upper Barron River

  • Spot freshwater crocodiles, turtles, snakes & tropical birds

  • Great photographic opportunities


Rainforestation is a unique tourist attraction situated five minutes travel from Kuranda Village. If you are looking for an all-inclusive experience then Rainforestation has it all. Set on 100 acres of World Heritage Rainforest, you can experience the tropical rainforest from a totally unique perspective – aboard an amphibious World War II Army Duck.

Army Duck Tours travel through the rainforest on both land and water; see fascinating plants and wildlife as you pass by. Learn about Aboriginal culture with the interactive Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience; watch a traditional dance performance, take the guided Dreamtime Walk and try your hand at boomerang throwing, spear-throwing and didgeridoo playing. The Koala & Wildlife Park features native Australian animals, including crocodiles, wombats, dingoes, and the cassowary, as well as handfeeding kangaroos you can have your photo taken cuddling a cute koala.

  • All inclusive experience - rainforest, wildlife, Aboriginal culture, tropical fruit orchard

  • Shuttle-buses available from Kuranda for the short transfer 

  • Handfeed kangaroos and wallabies

Emu Ridge Gallery

Emu Ridge Gallery is the most photographed attraction in all of Kuranda, famous for its fossils, amazing range of gemstones and star of the show - a perfected 9 metre replica of an Allosaurus. The 9m long Allosaurus is a favourite with kids wanting to have their photo taken with a “real” dinosaur and is a drawcard for the museum’s collection of fossils and gemstones at the bottom of the stairs.

Owners of Emu Ridge Gallery are enthusiastic lapidaries and regularly fossick for additions to their well-stocked rock and fossil shop. One of their favourite fossicking sites is Mt Surprise in the Gulf Savannah, which is known for topaz, smoky quartz and aquamarines. Emu Ridge Gallery is located at the Original Kuranda Markets on Therwine St, here you will find the best priced gemstones, jewellery and fossils from Australia and the world.

  • Photograph a 9 metre Allosaurus

  • View an amazing range of fossils and gemstones

  • Best priced gemstones, jewellery and fossils